Reformative Exercises

Corrective Chiropractic Exercises, Stretching And Flexibility.

Nature has a way of maintaining good muscle tone and flexibility, and that is by stretching. Watch a cat or dog after they have been resting–the first thing they do is stretch. Stretching is nature’s way of maintaining the flexibility of joints, ligaments and muscles. After periods of inactivity, stretch to loosen tight ligaments and muscles and free slight joint restrictions. When not used, connective tissue shortens and stiffening occurs. Stretching lengthens this tissue and allows it to relax. Stretching stimulates a richer flow of blood to the tissues, relaxing and ‘limbering up’ the large muscles and ligaments, making the body more flexible.

Bad posture and the ageing process can result in overstrain of muscles and ligaments. As you grow older, muscles become shorter and tighter (especially when not used) and lose tone. Inactivity can cause the same thing. A tightened or contracted muscle or ligament will reduce the range of movement in joints.

Exercise during the day for better posture. Take deep breaths to maintain alertness. Exercise in the evenings to help fatigued muscles and restore circulation. Develop a regular exercise period for ten minutes each day at your convenience. Too many people become discouraged with exercising because they did too much on the first day, leaving themselves stiff and sore so that they will not try it again. We offer you advise and support on these and many more exercises and stretches you can practice to improve your flexibility and general health.

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